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Team krowdie is excited to share our tips and recommendations on places to eat, things to experience and cities to visit, with our (current and future) friends.

A word about us:

krowdie is a recommendation platform where friends can discover, share, and save authentic recommendations: from the best coffee in town to insider tips while traveling. krowdie is a bit different than other platforms, in that it only connects people who know each other via phone contacts. There is no complicated sign-up: all you need is your iPhone, some friends, and you’re set (Android to follow soon).

There are several great platforms out there for sharing your opinion / pictures / selfies / breakfast / every thought with the world. krowdie’s focus is on authentic word of mouth recommendations. Why you ask? Well, word of mouth is kind of a big deal.

My name is Selin, and I founded krowdie to solve two problems:

  1. I’ve moved about 15 times in my life, traveled extensively, and whether I was in search of a tasty lunch spot, a good doctor, a great hair cut, delightful haute cuisine or a delicious food truck – the best recommendations usually came from from a friend or acquaintance. Of course there is the surprising stumble upon greatness, which you want to share (and you should, on krowdie please!) or the rare relevant and authentic find on an open review platform. But to me, the shortcut to the best experiences has usually been through more a intimate, authentic recommendation. Hence krowdie’s hyper-focus on friends.
  2. Over the years, many of my friends have asked me for recommendations for various places I have travelled to or lived in. Admittedly, sometimes they don’t ask, but I offer my recommendations anyway, because I feel that strongly about the best pizza in town or a beautiful park. After sharing several multi-page emails with friends (don’t worry only those who asked for it), or exchanging countless text messages, I felt there needs to be a better way to share authentic recommendations with people I know, and vice versa.

I’ve been very lucky to find cool, bright and talented individuals that believe in krowdie. Enter team krowdie: Adrian, Nando and Tom. Culturally engaged individuals and avid travelers themselves. Together we’re trying to build something meaningful and hope you find it useful. The purpose of our blog is to share some of our own favorite recommendations, curated playlists (cool lists for various topics), and perhaps the occasional guest entry from our superkrowdies. Hopefully you’ll discover something that delights you.

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